Thank you for visiting the Bands section of my web site. I have compiled news articles, photos, sound clips and other paraphernalia describing some of the musical groups I've been a part of over the course of my music career. Some of the band recordings that are now available through this web site have not been previously available. This includes Blue Ox Band studio and live radio broadcast recordings, early Blue Ox Band studio original songs, The CD of the Thirds ‘Songs from the City Line’, and the CD of Rocket 88's ‘Taste of the Blues Life’.

I thank all the talented and hard working musicians who are a part of these great
groups, for their hard work, dedication, and inspiration. I thank also the friends, fans,
and family members who have supported our efforts and shared in the fun In
particular I thank Joe Rubino the owner of Nietchsze’s in Allentown, and the late
Jim Curran, owner of Currans on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, for providing a
great venue with long-term employment.

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