The Blue Ox Band
  • Founded Spring of 1970
  • Original members; Norris Lewis-bass & vocals, Bruce Lewis-sax & percussion, Joe Frontera-drums, Artie Reardon-vocal, Charlie O’Neill-keyboard, vocal & guitar, Larry Modray, guitar
  • Many thanks to our faithful roadies; Dennis O’Neill, Roger Reilly, Bob Edie, Mike Malone, Tim Walsh
  • 1972-1976; Norris Lewis, Joe Frontera, Charlie O’Neill, Willie Schoellkopf-guitar, vocal & keyboard
  • 1976-1977; Norris Lewis, Charlie O’Neill, Willie Schoellkopf, Ronnie Davis- keyboard, Pete Holquin & Phil Youkam-drums
  • The Belle Starr Reunion show 1997 performed with 1977 version of the band including Dennis Mike on pedal steel.
The Blue Ox Band and Ridge Trail Records
is happy and proud to announce the release of the long awaited
The Blue Ox Band 'Hits Collection' Volume One and Two Compact Disc.
This two CD set is available thru this web site for $12.00 plus shipping.
Email to Guitarshop@roadrunner.com to order.
The CD is also available at Dog Ears Book Store,
688 Abbott Rd., South Buffalo 14220.
For the Hits Collection's song list, credits and band members
please scroll down this page a bit.

The Sportsman's Tavern is host to the Blue Ox Band's 3rd reunion this summer (Saturday evening, July 25th) as part of their 'The Sportsman's Tavern Private Party Series'.

A maximum of only 80 tickets for this event were made available through The Sportsman's Tavern to ensure none of the Private Party shows get too crowed or uncomfortable for the concert goers.

As of this writing (June 21st, 2009) the Blue Ox Band Reunion show is sold out. We regret if you were not able to secure a ticket, they went very fast.

With a little luck we can schedule a fourth show down the line a bit, and perhaps schedule more than a single night. But for now, that's all we can do. Our bassist, Norris Hawks Lewis is in town, only long enough for us to rehearse and schedule one show.

Please send me an email thru this web site and I will put you on The Charlie O'Neill's Guitar Shop email newsletter. I send out these newsletters about once a month. I'll be sure to notify you of any future activity by the Blue Ox Band.

"Putting this Blue Ox Band CD project together, coupled with a reunion show at The Sportsman's Tavern is a dream come true for me. After all this time, The Blue Ox Band lives"
Charlie O'Neill, July 4th, 2009

The Blue Ox Band Set List for July 25, 2009
at The Sportsman's Tavern, Buffalo NY:

Shovel (Willie Schoellkopf)
For a Fool (Willie Schoellkopf)
Upsi Daisy Blues (You and me in Paradise) ( Charlie O'Neill)
Listen To The Band ( Willie Schoellkopf)
Speed Boat (Ron Davis)
O Soul of Mine (Charlie O'Neill)
Meet You at the Market (Willie Schoellkopf and Denny Mike)

Driviní Wheel
Railroad Blues
Hobo Song/ Don't Cry Blue
The Shape I'm In

Bacon Fat
The Bottle Let Me Down
Billy The Kid
The House Of Blue Lights
Caledonia River
Moonlight Midnight
Mean old Lady
Statesboro Blues
Glendale Train
The Thrill is Gone
Dance Hall Girls
Me and my Uncle
Playing in the Band
The Girls all get Prettier at Closing Time

"Really Looking forward to it...Fun!!"
Blue Ox Band drummer, Rob Lynch April 16th, 2009

"The song selection sounds great. I'm really looking forward to it. This is what playing music is all about!! Thanks again!"
Norris Hawks Lewis, April 14th, 2009

"I'm really, really happy to be part of the Blue Ox Band Reunion"
Dennis Mike, Pedal Steel and Dobro Player, Blue Ox Band, April 2009

"I wouldn't miss this reunion for anything"
Ronnie Davis, Blue Ox Band keyboards

Blue Ox Band 'Hits Collection' Volume One and
Two Song list, credits and band members:

Volume One:

The Blue Ox Band, Studio Originals,
Star Track Studio
Clarence NY
  • For a Fool (Willie Schoellkopf)
  • Upsi Daisy Blues (Paradise) (Charlie O'Neill)
  • Windward (Willie Schoellkopf)
  • Listen To The Band (Willie Schoellkopf)

    Band members:
    Norris Lewis; bass, vocal,
    Charlie O'Neill; guitar vocal,
    Willie Schoellkopf; guitar, vocal,
    Ronnie Davis; keyboard,
    Phil Youakim; drums
The Blue Ox Band, Live at Star Track Studio,
Clarence NY
October 1975
  • Railroad Blues
  • Meet You at the Market (Schoellkopf, Mike)
  • Hobo Song/ Don't Cry Blue
  • The Shape I'm In
  • Willing

    Band members:
    Norris Lewis; bass, vocal,
    Charlie O'Neill; guitar vocal,
    Willie Schoellkopf; guitar, vocal,
    Ronnie Davis; keyboard
    Phil Youakim; drums
The Blue Ox Band Collaborations, 1980-2009
  • Speed Boat (Ronnie Davis)

    Willie Schoellkopf; lead vocal
    Ronnie Davis; keyboard
    Charlie O'Neill and Joe Head background vocal
        with The Argyle Street Band;
    Steve Sadoff; bass,
    Jerry Bass; drums,
    Doug Morgano; electric guitar
    Robbie Konikoff; engineer @ Audio Magic, Buffalo NY

    copyright 1980
  • Left Handed Man (Charlie O'Neill)

    Featuring Willie Schoellkopf, lead vocal,
    Charlie O'Neill; electric and acoustic guitar, vocal, percussion
    with Jim Brucato; acoustic guitar solo,
    Geoff Perry; violin,
    Tim Mraz; stand up bass,
    Cave Wilson; drums,
    Jim Ehinger; keyboards
    Jonathan Anner; trombone
    Dwane Hall; engineer @ Sessions Studio, Buffalo NY

    copyright 2009
  • South Side Girl (Willie Cornelious Schoellkopf)

    Willie Schoellkopf; lead vocal, acoustic guitar,
    Charlie O'Neill; electric guitar, vocal
    with The Stone Bridge Band;
    Bob Roof; bass
    Bob Wirth; guitar vocal
    Tim Wirth; drums
    Dwane Hall engineer @ Sessions Studio, Buffalo NY

    copyright 2008
  • O Soul of Mine (Charlie O'Neill)

    Charlie O'Neill; lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard,
    Willie Schoellkopf, Jim Brucato and Joe Head; vocals,
    Steve Sadoff; bass,
    Jeff Miester; drums
    Dwane Hall; engineer @ Sessions Studio, Buffalo NY

    copyright 2009
  • Taste of the Blues Life (Ronnie Lavern Davis)

    Willie Schoellkopf; guitar, lead vocal,
    Ron Davis; keyboards,
    Charlie O'Neill, lead guitar
    with Buffalo's Rocket 88
    Jeff Whiting; drums
    Phil Lamachia; saxophone
    Jeff Hackworth; saxophone
    Steve Sadoff; bass guitar
    Recorded at Audio Magic, Buffalo NY

    copyright 1990

Volume Two:

Live Radio Broadcast at WCMF Studio,
Rochester NY
August 1976
  • Driving Wheel
  • Hobo Song/Don't Cry Blue
  • Ophelia
  • Nashville Skyline Rag
  • Bacon Fat
  • The Bottle Let Me Down
  • Billy The Kid
  • The House Of Blue Lights

    Band members:
    Willie Schoellkopf; guitar, vocal
    Norris Hawks Lewis; bass, vocal,
    Charlie O'Neill; guitar, vocal,
    Ronnie Davis; keyboards, accordion,
    Pete Holquin; drums

Track Master Session,
Larkin Building,
Buffalo NY,
May 1973
  • Finally Found Myself a Job (Schoellkopf)
  • Conto Poco (O'Neill)
  • Debauchery Palace (O'Neill)
  • The Thrill Is Gone
Blue Ox Band Members:

Charlie O'Neill; guitar, vocal, keyboard
Willie Schoellkopf; guitar, vocal, keyboard
Norris Lewis; bass, vocal
Joe Frontera; drums

Early Blue Ox Band, Live at The Barrel Head
West Seneca NY
  • Pink Panther Music (break song)

Blue Ox Band members;
Norris Lewis; bass
Charlie O'Neill; keyboards, guitar,
Bruce Lewis; percussion,
Larry Modry; guitar,
Joe Frontera; drums,
Artie Reardon; vocal

Produced by Charlie, Willie and Norris with
The Blue Ox Band for Ridge Trail Records

"I know we all have been thinking about that project for years now. When we had the first reunion I could see that there was a real need to get that dream on disc. We owed it to ourselves and the people that supported us over the years. I would like to be a part of it to whatever extent I can or you and Willie want me to be. I'm with you all the way!! I'd like to be part of the production, let me know how, where and when!!

Norris Hawks Lewis January, 2009

This is not only an awesome idea; itís one that I've been thrashing around for years. In fact, you could say I thought of it first. Ok, we won't say that. But in fact, I was just listening to the Track Master session, thinking "this is pretty good stuff..."

Willie Schoellkopf January 18th, 2009

Blue Ox Band T-Shirts are available thru this web site. Email to guitarshop@roadrunner.com or call 716.824.0798 to order.

The Blue Ox Band Reunion October 10, 2006
The Blue Ox Band held it's second reunion event on a blustery October afternoon at The Sportsman's Tavern on 10/06/06. We'd like to thank drummer Jeff Whiting for being our 'stickman' for the evening, and Dwane Hall for hosting this wonderful band get together...and great fun was had by all!

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