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The Four Seasons; Oh What a Night
Amidst many, this memory stands out more than most, especially since it seems to link my early choirboy days and my guitar playing teen/adult musical life.

As a young teenager I was a huge fan of vocal harmony bands. The Four Seasons topped a very long list of all types of pop singing groups that could mesmerize me for hours on end. So it was an unbelievable day in 1964 when I attended my first big pop music concert at the old 'Aud' in Buffalo. The Buffalo War Memorial Auditorium was a hockey arena and home to the Buffalo Sabres hockey team. The occasional concert held at the Aud included a singer by the name of Elvis Presley, and 35 years and many events later, Steely Dan. So despite its horrendous acoustics, the old Aud could be a significant and formidable musical venue through the years.

On the bill that early spring evening was a singer by the name of Gale Garnett.
She had a hit song in the summer of '63 called "We'll sing in the sunshine" that I
really enjoyed, but not enough to buy the 45 RPM. But when you factored in a
very popular singer/songwriter/guitarist by the name of Roy Orbison, this was
shaping up to be an exciting musical event. But the crowning moment was
that the headliners were the Four Seasons. I owned every album and 45
RPM record of their hit songs and even a few of their demos. I knew
their names, their shirt sizes, their hometowns. I just simply could not
get enough of their great songs, stunning...

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