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TV & Movie Themes/ Soundtracks, Christmas Songs, Patriotic/Civil War Songs, Irish Tunes, Folk Mass, Power Pop and Rhythm & Blues.

Teaching Beyond Basics: Advancing students usually focus on a “sound” or a style. Whatever it takes to create the best musical moment is addressed here. Our course
can take some interesting twists and turns as a student finds an intermediate-
level player identity.
  • Are you going to try out for the school jazz band?
  • Do you want to start a blues or a rock band for fun and profit?
  • Do you want to play at sing a-longs and parties or at home by yourself,
    or at church?
  • How about teaching beginner students as a way to keep your basic
    skills fresh?
Regardless of your goal and musical personality most intermediate and
master level guitarists spend considerable time and effort understanding
and applying musical topics such as: music theory, alternate tunings, the
capo, fingerpicking, scales & modes, sight reading, chart writing,
music composition, keyboard, percussion, ear training and so forth.

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