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The Stone Bridge Band, (Bob Roof, Willie Schoellkopf, Charlie O'Neill, Bob and Tim Wirth) were honored for being 'Master's of South Buffalo Culture' and the recipient of the 2007 Buffalo Civic Pride Award. This annual award is presented by 'Goin' South' with support from other Community based groups of South Buffalo. The Civic Pride Award was presented in honor for the band's tireless effort to use our musical talent to stage live music events and benefits as a connecting spirit and bonding force within our devoted and appreciative community.

Topping the list of the Band's awards and declarations as were presented at the event were the Proclamation by Mayor Brown of March 10th 2007 as "Stone Bridge Day' in the City of Buffalo.
The Hon. Brian Higgins honored the Band at a preceding from the US House of Representatives, and Mark Schroder, who was named "Irishman of the Year" at the event, bestowed honors and thanks to The Stone Bridge Band from the New York State Assembly.. Of course Doc McGurn's and Goin' South's 'Official' proclamation from The Universe of South Buffalo College as "Master's of South Buffalo Culture' is hung prominently in my teaching studio at 80 Leonard St. located in 'Greater South Buffalo', Lackawanna NY. Charlie O'Neill

City of Buffalo Executive Chamber Proclamation                    House of Representatives

NY State Assembly Citation                                         Master’s of South Buffalo Culture


The Stone Bridge Band has played many important fundraising events over the years, including one for yours truly as I battled cancer for the first time in 2003, but none more important than the annual South Buffalo Community Table Event.

The South Buffalo Community Table, located at 185 South Side Parkway, Buffalo NY 14220 716.822.3193 is a Community Association supported by various individuals and groups including 'Goin' South', and is under the direction of Sister Mary Celeste (coincidently, the good Sister was my first grade teacher at St, Teresa's School in South Buffalo in 1956). The South Buffalo Community Table feeds between 60-90 down on their luck people per day. The dinners are served at 4:00 PM every day except Friday. Those seeking a meal on Friday can go to St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church on Abbott Road. Meals are served in the fellowship hall of Good Shepherd. All meals are prepared and served by volunteers from the community.

The Stone Bridge Band has hosted and played for the annual South Buffalo Community Table Event every year since it's inception 18 years ago. We often share the stage with fellow musicians; Jack Daw, Tom Stahl and the Dangerfield's, Billy McEwen, Joe Head, Kelleigh Boismenu, the Les Davis Group, Bonnie Kane Lockwood, and many others in a fun musical effort to raise funds to keep this important charity going.

I speak for all the musicians as we thank Neil Farrell and his family for helping to organize and contact the bands for this yearly event. 'Nice job, thank you from all of us'. The South Buffalo Community Table Event is usually held in early Spring at The Iron Worker's Hall on Orchard Park Road, in the neighboring community of West Seneca NY, just a stone's throw from The Republic of South Buffalo. I will always have current information regarding this Stone Bridge Band benefit as well as all our other regular gigs, up at the yellow banner on my home page. So please check it often.

Charlie O'Neill
July 2008

Sister Celeste’s Thank You note.




The Stone Bridge Band playing a fun filled evening at my sister-in-law Linda Weiss' fabulous 50th Birthday Party at The Town Ballroom, Downtown Buffalo, April 2007

The Stone Bridge Band was very happy to introduce my nephew, Max Weiss making his lead guitar debut at Mom's party.

‘South Side Girl’ This demo version of a wonderful song was written and preformed by Stone Bridge Band's Willie Schoellkopf. The Band plans on recording this song sometime soon. and then offering it up as the new National Anthem for the Republic of South Buffalo, hopping to someday replace the world famous 'Wild Weekend', by the Lackawanna/South Buffalo band, 'The Rockin' Rebels'.

‘Helplessly Paying’ is a parody song written in it's entirety by all the members of The Stone Bridge Band, in a ultimately successful effort to eliminate the ridiculously unfair tolls on the New York State I-190 highway. One weekday night two years ago, we spent an entire evening in the confines of ‘O'Neill's Pub’ carefully crafting this very clever protest song. After sending copies out to our local DJ's at 97 Rock, WGR, WBEN etc. and getting zero response (e.g.. no local airplay) we remained optimistic our battle cry would help rally the masses because Congressman Brian Higgins, the one person who could actually do something about this unfair tax, had heard our masterpiece and at least thought it was really funny. I like to think that it somehow helped the cause but of course in reality, all the song represented was a very fun evening for the band. A few weeks later. after all the members of The Stone Bridge Band got 'un-grounded' for staying at O'Neill's Pub until 4 AM, we managed to finally appreciate the fact we were 75 cents richer every time we travelled to Downtown Buffalo and we had something to say about it.

The famous melody and chord progressions for 'Helplessly Paying' are borrowed from the great songwriter Steven Stills and his song 'Helplessly Hoping'. Thank you Mr. Stills. I'd like to thank the greatest political song parody writer of all time, Buffalo's Mark Russell for his inspiration on this tune. The demo version you are listening to was recorded by Willie Schoellkopf at his digital work station a day or two after it was written.

Stone Bridge Band plays at Buffalo’s “Thursday at the Square.”

The Stone Bridge Band had the pleasure of opening the show for Little Feat at Buffalo's Thursday at the Square Concert series June 30th, 2005.

On hand were Dwane and Jay Hall from Sessions Recording Studio (333 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY) and their new mobile unit filming a Stone Bridge Band concert DVD. Dwane and his camera witnessed a great time had by all, as thousands of Buffalonians, Canadians and Little Feat faithful basked in balmy sunshine in beautiful Lafayette Square, while the Stone Bridge Band jammed to a wide variety of tunes over a one hour and twenty minute set. Also on hand were many of my current and former students, friends and family members enjoying themselves in what has become the event each summer in Buffalo-Thursday at the Square.

Stone Bridge has now appeared at the Square a total of 4 times and each year it becomes more fun and familiar. I'd like to thank the folks at Buffalo Place for having us as the opener for Little Feat and other great downtown music events, like the 2002 'Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor' Peter Frampton show. Thanks again to all the fans who came out and caught the concert. We had a great time! It's always a thrill to play a huge show like this.

The photo and video clips are courtesy of guitar student Alle D'Angelo.
Thanks Alle.

The Stone Bridge Band at the Little Feat Thursday at the Square Concert June 30, 2005 DVD is available through our contact page

The Stone Bridge Band Set List from June 30th:
  • Behind Those Eyes- warm up instrumental tune made popular by Debbie Davies
  • Dead Flowers-our version of an old Stones' song
  • How Long is Your Shadow-an original song written by Willie Schoellkopf
  • Strut-a jazzy blues tune written by Taj Mahal
  • Crescent City-written by Lucinda Williams
  • Broke and Lonely Fool-a John Dikeman original song from the Hot Guitars from Buffalo CD
  • Friend of the Devil- our version of a Dead song
  • Statesboro Blues-a song made popular by the Allman Brothers
  • Whenever that First Storm Hits-an original song written by Bob Wirth
  • A Whiter Shade of Pale-our version of a Procal Harem song
  • Movement-an original song written by Willie Schoellkopf
  • Maybe It's You-an original written by Bob Wirth
  • Start It Up- a song made popular by guitarist Robin Ford
  • Can You Stand It-a Chuck Berry closer







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