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In chronological order
1. The Four Seasons with Chuck Berry and Gale Garnett at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium 1964
(see 'The Four Seasons; Oh What a Night').

2. The Nomads at the Seneca Show, South Buffalo 1966. An all-around amazing spectacle as my high school friend and local guitar hero Mike Jackson, completely destroyed his guitar on stage to the horrified gasps of all in attendance.

3. Jimi Hendrix with the Soft Machine at Toronto's CNE grounds 1968. I had found hippie heaven in my front row seat.

4. Buddy Guy and Junior Wells at the University of Buffalo, Norton Hall 1970. This is where I heard the blues up front, personal and real, for the first time.

5. Joni Mitchell with the LA Express at Klienhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY., 1973. This was a truly fantastic night of music. To hear my favorite songwriter perform with an absolutely awesome band that featured Robben Ford on guitar, in an acoustically perfect room, more than lived up to my lofty expectations.

6. Larry Carlton at the Baked Potato, West Hollywood, California, 1978.
I had the pleasure of hearing the guitar voice of Steely Dan perform
with his own band packed into this tiny Hollywood nightclub. The band
also featured some of LA's hottest players...

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